Lydia and me at the Mediterranean

This is the page of Markus Rudy (né Döring): mathematician, software engineer and linux enthusiast (all part-time).

I am on GitHub and StackOverflow. If you’re somewhat obsessed with publications, here’s a list of mine.

About This Site

The service provider, as stated in §5 Telemediengesetz, is

Markus Rudy

Landstraße 29

69493 Hirschberg an der Bergstraße


webmaster /funny-a/ burgerdev /dot/ de

Projects and companies without which you would be looking at a 404 (roughly, from the bottom of the stack to the top):

  • VC-Server, who provide great support at a moderate price tag
  • Debian, my favourite server distro
  • Docker, making dependency hell a little more comfortable
  • Kubernetes, simplifying complex deployments and supervision
  • Elixir, Python, OCaml, git and Nginx, integral parts of my backend
  • Let’s Encrypt, a certificate provider the world needed
  • honorable mention: Postfix, taking care of my email needs

I like random letters!

0A90 2FD6 6F47 4480 6269 C12A 495A 4DEA 55BC A675