Economies of Scala

Alea iacta est, and the winner is Scala. Time to fetch my good old 7 Languages in Seven Weeks from the shelf and start coding. The repo is set up already, and the first lessons were duely taken. Don’t expect too much, however, these were my first 30 minutes with the language and I am kind of biased regarding code style.

Right now, Scala is fun to write, but I cannot tell if this is just me being enthusiastic or actually a language feature. But the syntax, although it’s quite much, feels kind of regular[1]. A nice change, I am fed up with languages that have irregular grammar. At first, the whole static typing thing threw me a bit off, but you get quite used to it. I also wrote my first template (I can see you lurking ‘round that corner, C++!).

The main goals for Scala will be Spark centric, because that is what people do with Scala, isn’t it? Tasks:

  • write a program for some big data task
  • use Spark for MapReduce parallelism
  • do fancy functional programming on the way
  • (get Spark working)[2]

[1]: Not sure if that’s the right term, but what I want to say is “I want to write a lambda that defines a lambda inside a lambda inside a lambda…”

[2]: actually kind of a big deal, at least on Arch Linux