Function over Form

Since I started working as a software developer full time, the urge to develop during night time has all but vanished. And having a child is also a welcome distraction from various Github side projects. Which does not mean that I don’t code for personal use anymore (my server still needs some management, and I updated my log obfuscation tool recently), but I don’t really get to trying much new stuff. New language Thursday has a rough time nowadays.

But at least I did one thing, and I am really happy to have stumbled over it (thanks HN). The university Paris Diderot offered an MOOC on OCaml, which was the best online course I have ever seen (admittedly, this is the maximum of a not-so-large set). Check it out: Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml.

What comes next? For quite some time now I’m planning to walk through the list of top-level Apache projects and see what they are up to, but this seems quite ambitious (there are lots of Apache projects).