The Future is Here

Last time I checked, we actually did have the year 2014. Quite a shock ā€” mostly because some of the programming languages I am using, and used to, seem kind of dated, to say it kindly. I felt C++ being a pain in the ass for too long now without doing anything about it. Inspired by this post, this answer to some unrelated hacker news article and the overall stupidity of C++, I will try to learn some new, useful languages! What I came up with today between some lectures is this schedule:

  • Erlang
  • Rust
  • Scala
  • Julia
  • Haskell

The order is pseudo-random, I guess I will just start with some language and figure out the next when I am done with it. Regarding the done-with-it-ness, I wanted to write a small program, or a library, for each language that does something typical. Typical for that language, of course. I have not figured out what that could be for all of them, but we will see. In addition, I would like to use a popular framework while Iā€™m at it, so that some of the experiences could even be helpful in future real-world use cases.

Primary focus of my new language thursday (I am getting rid of regular thursdays) will be stuff that I am familiar with, i.e. scientific computing, web development and linuxoid stuff. One thing I really want to analyze is the means of parallelization in each of the languages, and their ease of use.