Multi Media Tags with WordPress

My first WordPress plugin is submitted to and awaits review. The plugin provides flexible display sryles for attachments. The code can be found here.


Radius Search with Python

I got my first github repo up and running: This python module is about finding adjacent zip codes to a given zip code, a.k.a. geographic radius search. I intend to use this in a project of mine, Zeezaar, to implement a fuzzy search. The documentation (and other stuff) will be hosted on this site, at Feel free to clone, fork and comment on this project!


Neccessary Knowledge

Matt Might (university of Utah) composed a list of must-have knowledge for computer scientists. Even though I have done some of the items on the list I don’t think I will be able to do the rest in the course of my graduate studies. But I will try to nonetheless!



Lydia and me at the Mediterranean

This is the page of Markus Rudy (née Döring): mathematician, software engineer and linux enthusiast (all part-time).

I am on GitHub and StackOverflow. If you’re really interested in my work, here’s a list of my publications.