Blog Moved to BlogitWeb

After trying a couple of different approaches to deploy my old wordpress blog in the new k8s environment, I finally decided to abandon PHP altogether. There are too many components involved - I don’t want to install yet another web server (that just forwards CGI), a FastCGI backend service and a MySQL database. That’s why I decided to try something new.

Having elixir on my list for quite some time now, this might be a good moment to actually start using it for something cool. I discovered the blogging engine BlogitWeb, which looks promising to say the least. My first experiments are looking good, and the only things to deploy are a Phoenix server and a git daemon (which I wanted to have anyway).

I’ll start hacking up some deployment templates for this. If this does not change my opinion - and I don’t think so, blogging in markdown is awesome - I’ll move my old posts to the new repo.