Fritz Box DNS is Awesome

I’m pretty amazed by my Fritz Box right now. I knew already that I can access my router by typing in the browser address line, but it gets even better. After installing spark on my machine and firing up the pyspark console, I noticed a particular log line:

INFO SparkUI: Started SparkUI at

I really don’t get how spark does this reverse DNS lookup, but it actually works. The URL is valid and points to my spark UI. And all other machines on the network are also reachable, even the windows ones.


Economies of Scala

Alea iacta est, and the winner is Scala. Time to fetch my good old 7 Languages in Seven Weeks from the shelf and start coding. The repo is set up already, and the first lessons were duely taken. Don’t expect too much, however, these were my first 30 minutes with the language and I am kind of biased regarding code style.

Right now, Scala is fun to write, but I cannot tell if this is just me being enthusiastic or actually a language feature. But the syntax,


The Future is Here

Last time I checked, we actually did have the year 2014. Quite a shock — mostly because some of the programming languages I am using, and used to, seem kind of dated, to say it kindly. I felt C++ being a pain in the ass for too long now without doing anything about it. Inspired by this post, this answer to some unrelated hacker news article and the overall stupidity of C++, I will try to learn some new, useful languages! What I came up with today between some lectures is this schedule: