Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of projects that I do in my free time. This being a limited resource (free time, I mean), the maturity of the projects tends to vary. I’m always happy to receive pull requests if your business decides to use one of them, though.

Licensing information should be available for most of them. I choose my licenses based roughly on the following guidelines:

  • small helpers usually get MIT or even


CLI IP Mangling and Git Hooks

Today I spent most of my time writing a tiny CLI tool to obfuscate IP addresses in my lighttpd logs. German telecommunication service law states that I must delete all personal traffic data if I don’t need them for maintaining the service.

From §96, Telekommunikationsgesetz:

Diese Verkehrsdaten dürfen nur verwendet werden, soweit dies für die in Satz 1 genannten oder durch andere gesetzliche Vorschriften begründeten Zwecke oder zum Aufbau weiterer Verbindungen erforderlich


Scala Koans

Just worked through rubbish’s scala koans and learned some new scala details. I enjoyed the meditative style, but some koans were not clear and ‘please meditate over …’ was not a helpful hint. Furthermore, I am missing some koans about pattern matching. And why does every scala package need to download its own Java runtime, sbt, …? Kind of breaks the whole linux concept of small programs doing one thing well, not to speak of package managing.

Well, I’ll be looking around for another source of scala exercises. I feel more confident in the language now, even enjoy writing it, but it


Diaspora Pod Online

Some years ago I tried to install diaspora on my server, but didn’t quite manage - something between me not being able to understand the ruby ecosystem and the setup process being horrible. Nowadays, the process is a lot easier. Not that it’s actually short, but it is well documented (at least if you want a standard installation on a standard distro). So here it is:

My Very Own Diaspora Pod

Now that I have my account, I feel somewhat lonely, so feel free to add