Kuberize All The Things

Quite some time has passed since I rented my first vServer (running Debian Squeeze), and over the years I dist-upgraded twice and accumulated lots of baggage. There are custom init scripts (nowadays systemd units), executables whose purpose I can’t remember and several databases (I guess at least MySQL, Redis and etcd). There are backup directories of my wife, which hold dear pictures and videos of our daughter. My web stack is a confusing combination of lighttpd, a letsencrypt cron job, wild php-cgi appearances and some obscure python scripts using http.server. I tried accessing my blog a couple of days ago and was greeted by a nice 503 error message. This was the point where I knew I need to change something.

Over the last weeks, I started to change my primary email address for many accounts to my self-hosted mail address. That makes my email address look fancy, and I’m quite positive that my correspondence is not scanned for marketing purposes. On the other hand, this opens up a lot of problems in terms of reliability. If I’m on vacation for two weeks and postfix goes down (or mysql, or some other component), emails start bouncing and make me look unprofessional. The same goes for my web presence, which has admittedly not that many visitors, but nonetheless should be up if someone stumbles across a link.

Since I’m getting better at kubernetes by the day - it’s part of my day job, and I had some spare time projects using it - it makes a lot of sense to build on that. The hope is to have a nice yaml file repository where I can see at a glance how my web services are set up. Moving postfix and friends is almost done - there’s a backup mail server on Vultr (warlock.burgerdev.de) which passes all tests I have found so far.

The hard part will probably be the web server. I could either use a similar approach as I do now, having nginx servers relay PHP to some deployment , but I’m in the mood to move away from PHP once and for all. An interesting project would be switching to Elixir/Phoenix, but since my family usually frowns upon me spending too much weekends on the PC, I might as well use ikiwiki for the blog. But having Perl in the backend makes me more than a bit uncomfortable.